Virtual Interviews

Use Automated Interviews, Personalised AI Modals, Detailed Interview Reports and much more to boost your recuitment capabilites.

How does it work?

3 Simple Steps

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Customize AI for your own recruitment needs

Every company is different and so are their hiring requirements.

Choose your AI modal

There are a number of AI modals out there and your can choose which one you wish to use.

Simple and affordable

AI fine-tuning can sound daunting, especially to non-technical users. Our simple and easy to use tools are here for your rescue.

Train your own evaluators

Interview evaluator modals trained specifically to access and analyze interview conversations. Use your own past interviews to help them improve even further.

Interactive interview conversations

Choose your own interview questions, select voice and tone for your AI and much more to make your interviews much more engaging.

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10xyour recruiting velocity

Our platform can save you significant time and budget while recruiting candidates.


Recruitment Cost Saved


more candidates evaluated per role


satisfied recruiters


Recruitment Time Saved


satisfied candidates

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Introduction To Smartintervu

This demo video shows, a fully automated interview being conducted on smartintervu.

Smartintervu is an AI powered interview platform which uses Large Language Modals (LLMs) to conduct fully automated interviews.

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I knew that AI would disrupt many industries.
But never realized that it's not a thing of the future, it's already happening today.

AI Bot | Smartintervu

Have questions?

Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

SmartIntervu is an AI powered recruitment platform. We believe that most of the recruitment process can be automated, including resume shortlisting, job profile matching, scheduling interviews and much more.

Currently we're focussed on using the latest advancements in AI, specifically GenAI and most advanced LLMs to perform automated interviews as well as interview evaluations.